Dog Massage Techniques

As long as you consider caring for your pets to be healthier life, then you’ll benefit from massages too! The benefits of massage help relieve stress and anxiety, increase circulation, decrease pain and strengthen muscles. It gives you quality time together with your furry friend.

Dog Massage Technique to Try at Home

A canine massage session can be an enjoyable bonding experience for both you and your dog. These are some pet massage therapies you can use with your dog. Deep tissue massage is best performed by trained canine massage therapists; however, there are several simple self-care options for dogs to try at home. See how to massage each part (or part) to the entire body of your dog.

Forehead and Head Rub

Start by massaging the spot just above your dog’s nostrils, which has been shown to be effective for relieving stress and anxiety. Massage the top of his nose with gentle pressure using your thumb by moving up and down slowly. Calming points are usually located on your dog’s head. You could also rub his head gently for an added touch of affection. Then, using your thumbs massage on the base of the neck in a circular motion. As he can’t reach his neck, dogs definitely love it!

Ears & Eyes Rub

Some dogs really appreciate having an ear rub! With some knowledge about how to properly perform an ear massage for pets, you can provide your pet with a soothing, relaxing treatment, also ear cleaning is an essential part of preventing ear infections.

Start by placing your thumb on the inside of your dog’s ear, at its base. Your index finger should then go out from under the ear flap. Use light pressure when stroking gently from the top down toward the bottom of the ear. Pulling firmly at the end of the ear helps draw blood back into the head. Next, you can gently rub gently on their eyes with a flat hand.


Starting down to their jowls and lifting them up. Use your index finger to gently stroke your dog’s gums along its gum line. It will get them prepared for at-home toothbrushing and non-anesthetized teeth cleaning.

Back Rub

Canine massage therapy may help calm anxious dogs by reducing their stress levels. Stroke him starting at his head and moving down to his tail. Then repeat the action several times before moving on to the next part. Make sure to stay away from the spine. A dog massage using these techniques helps calm them down and relaxes them. 

Thigh and Glute Rub

Like humans, dogs are living longer. Age brings inevitable changes for us humans, but we can help our pets be happier by making them more comfortable. Arthritis caused by dog massages should always be treated by a massage professional who knows exactly which techniques to use.

Some gentle massage can be performed at home to keep tight muscles looser and more flexible. For dogs who suffer from arthritis pain in their hips and hind legs, this dog massage therapy technique can be used for the healing of muscles. Pressing gently against the thighs or buttocks, move your hands back until they’re at an angle similar to the letter “C.” Work slowly but steadily from one end of the muscle to the other, making circular motions with your thumbs.

Legs & Paws

Gently rub your dog’s front and back paws and give him/her a soft squeeze. You need to know how to squeeze your dog’s leg if you want to check for any potential injuries. If they’re constantly squirming and crying whenever you touch them, it may be difficult to determine whether they’ve sustained an injury. Touching their feet helps dogs get used to having people touch them.

Lastly, once daily, give your dog some therapeutic massage by using these techniques. During the canine massage, you can watch television which is an excellent way to relax. If you can keep your dog calm during this experience, they’ll be less likely to get stressed out when their fur gets cut off at groomers, vets visit, and when people run up to pet them.

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